PRB paper with FeSuMa data

A new ARPES paper “Isolated fourfold fermion in BiTeI” featuring the data from FeSuMa appeared recently in Physical Review B. The Fermi surface of BiTeI taken using the synchrotron light of two photon energies is presented in Fig. 3c and Fig. 3e.

Link to the paper:

Figure 3
(a) Photon energy scan at normal emission. Dashed curve represents valence band (VB) dispersion. Black-solid lines represents Γ and A points. Calculated maps [(b),(d)] are the FS contours implied by Fig. 1, blurred with the Gaussian and shown in the same color scale to simulate the photoemission data. Experimental Fermi surface maps measured with (c) 22 eV (Γpoint) and (e) 24 eV photon energies using FeSuMa electron analyzer. Photon energy range 22–24 eV is approximately 10% of Γ-A distance in k space.

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