NorFi stands for Normal Finder. In modern ARPES experiments with scanning hemispherical or imaging analyzers such as FeSuMa, extensive rotation of the sample is not needed. The adjustment is reduced to aligning the normal to the sample surface with the analyzer axis.

We offer two types of this cryo-manipulator:

NorFi-A features the isolated sample holder and possibility to apply a bias voltage, which leads to improved angular acceptance (50-55°) when coupled to FeSuMa.

NorFi-T features the lowest base temperature < 5 K.

Both versions can be optionally equipped with differentially-pumped rotatable feedthrough.

At a base position NorFi protects cylindrical symmetry for electron trajectories. This is important to avoid distortions of the angular distribution due to asymmetry of the electric field. Intuitive manual operation together with imaging possibilities of FeSuMa allows a quick alignment of the normal to the sample surface with the analyzer axis. Design of the mechanical part of NorFi is protected ( Eingetragenes Design Nr. 402023201536-0001 ).

• 6 degrees of freedom (+-5mm spatial, +-5°angular) with optional azimuthal rotation of 360°

• Nominal temperature stability (with controller) 50 mK

• Base temperature with bias option < 8K

• Bakeable to 150 °C

• Initial cooldown time 15 min

• Mounting flange DN63CF (4.50″ OD)

• Length (for mini-ARPES chamber) 57 cm