Paper on pump-probe ARPES

Preprint reports the first time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (TR- ARPES) with FeSuMa analyzer. The new experimental setup has been commissioned at the Artemis laboratory of the UK Central Laser Facility. We explain here some of the advantages of the FeSuMa for TR-ARPES and discuss how its capabilities relate to those of hemispherical analysers and momentum microscopes. FeSuMa has been integrated into an optimized pump-probe beamline that permits photon-energy- (i.e., kz-) dependent scanning, using probe energies generated from high harmonics in a gas jet. The advantages of using the FeSuMa in this situation include the possibility of taking advantage of its “fisheye” mode of operation.

Link to the preprint:

Electric fields between sample and FeSuMa analyser for normal operation mode (top) and when ”fisheye voltage” is applied (bottom).

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