FeSuMa 2.0

We have finished the test of the improved FeSuMa and now offer the second generation instrument.

FeSuMa 2.0 features:

– lock-in acquisition (no differentiation is needed);

– improved MCP/Screen protection;

– extra-large angular acceptance up to 55° (only in combination with our NoFi sample cryomanipulator );

– more stable high-voltage power supplies;

– upgraded software on the basis of Igor Pro 9 with new features.

We offer upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 as well. As for the mechanical part, the changes are minor, mainly internal, with a slightly different external appearance. The 1.0 in-vacuum part can still be used. Most importantly, PSU, direct communication between PSU and camera assembly, PC and software need to be upgraded. 

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